Not sure where March went, y’all?!? In like a lion, out like a lamb…isn’t that how the saying goes?

Anywho…just in the nick of time, excited to share this month’s fellow creative + business owner feature. I stumbled upon Estudio RoJo thanks to good ol’ Instagram sometime last year. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when owner Jasmin Black reached out wanting to send me some samples of her work. (Um, yes please!) And thanks to those samples, our IRL relationship began.

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmin a couple of weeks ago as she was a big part of a styled shoot Sarah Pascutti and I did at Loray Mill. (Can’t wait to share more about that later!) Not only is her work truly beautiful and awesome, the gal behind it all is as well…and passionate, kind, and darn interesting.

So get to know my (new) friend….

Name: Jasmin Black (Ortega)
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Business Name: Estudio RoJo
Connect: @estudiorojo

Down to Business…

How did you get started with your business?
I started Estudio RoJo with a hope and a super huge dream. My parents have always encouraged my sister and I to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. Ever since I was little they fostered that type of environment and never told us that those dreams were out of reach. Two years ago I looked around and noticed that there weren’t enough stationery artists out there who spoke to me and anyone who would relate to my aesthetic. I talked with my husband and with around $14 in my bank account I started ER. After incorporating calligraphy into my designs I stepped back and realized that I really should be pushing myself more creatively to reach out to the wedding industry and use these calligraphic skills even more so. I officially put it out there as a service and since then it’s been a success.

You lived in Bogota, Colombia, even met and married your husband there. Does your time living abroad influence your work or style?
Oh, it’s who I am! It means everything to me. Bogotá is what I live and breathe. First off, Colombia is an awesome country and I encourage all to go there (and let me stow away in their luggage so I can go back too). The architecture in the capital city, Bogotá, is something out of my urban dreams. It’s super european. On one block you’ve got 18th century or earlier landscapes and designs then you turn the corner and there is this modern and sleek building with glass windows that tower over you. But within those buildings are such rustic features, decor and colors that speak to my rustic soul. Everyone lives in this whole urban yet rustic world and it really relates to me as a person since I was born in the south, love my sweet tea but live for the urban hustle and bustle of the streets. It’s been a lot of work trying to identify my style and stick with it but as I have turned a new leaf in my business I have finally understood who I am a as a designer and it is easily seen in my social media feeds, newest designs and my brand. Oh and ER stands for Colombia because it’s the blend of me and my husband’s name: Rafael Ortega + Jasmin Ortega = RoJo. Cute huh? 

What’s one thing you wish clients knew about Estudio RoJo?
Estudio RoJo is a big deal. I don’t mean that in a cocky way. I mean, it’s not a here today and gone tomorrow brand. I am an intentional person and so is ER. I want to connect to my readers, viewers and followers. My tribe. I want people to come on a journey with me with every post, image and conversation. Not only am I an established calligrapher but I am a stylist, visionary, motivator, designer, fine artist, hustler, solo-preneur, sister, daughter, wife and storyteller. That allows me and my brand to relate to clients.

Not only are you in the industry, but you’re also a married gal and gone through the planning process. What piece of advice would you love to offer newly engaged couples?
As an international bride I have seen and done it all. Living in the States and planning an international wedding was a lot of work. Then trying to establish life after the wedding in my new country was just as tough. But I loved it!

My advice would be to cherish the moments. DON’T stress out! Things will go awry, you won’t like the way something looks, someone will make you upset and who knows what else. That’s bound to happen. But value those moments. Don’t micromanage every part of the process but fall in love with it. These will make for beautiful memories and laughable moments afterwards. Oh, and let your man in on the planning process. Let him take the lead in the planning phase. 

For Kicks…
When you’re not penning gorgeous work, what can we find you doing?
Listening to music, drinking coffee or a homemade juice, having several dance breaks throughout the day, interpreting at my other day job and participating in volunteer work.

It’s karaoke night. What’s your go-to song?
Bust a Move – Young MC

Dream vacation destination?
Our favorite place- Cartagena, Colombia but that’s playing favorites. My real dream is Italy (any city because they’d all be so gorgeous)

Open Mic
Cool facts about me:
I speak 4 languages fluently (and use all four everyday)
I hate chocolate.
I’m allergic to cockroaches. Like, really? Who tests you for that?
I studied to become an OB/GYN and chef.