I’ve lived on the east coast for over a decade now, but Texas will always be home and will always have my heart. It’s been tough watching from afar, the continued rains and aftermath of Harvey. My brother-in-law lives in Houston. Thankfully, he and his neighborhood seem to be ok. (His wife is traveling in South America for work…had to leave days early to beat Harvey.) I have a cousin who is a firefighter for the Houston Fire Department. So thankful for him, all the first responders, and those who have just shown up to help. And I have a host of friends who live in and around Houston. All seem to be ok, but some have certainly lost their homes.

Texas is tough, and so are her people. They’ll recover but man will it take time. If you feel compelled to do something, thought I’d share some avenues to show some love (in addition to sending up those prayers!):

  • Texas Forever: Through September 30, ALL proceeds from Magnolia’s Texas Forever shirt will go to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts.
  • Samaritan’s Purse: They are organizing volunteers as well as donations.
  • Salvation Army: The organization is helping take care of all those helping the rescue efforts.
  • Houston SPCA: For the furry Texans/Houstonians.
  • South Texas Blood & Tissue Center: I read that there is a tremendous need for blood, especially O-/+.
  • Texas Diaper Bank: For the littlest Texans. You can mail donations (5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Texas 78238) or if you’re local, you can drop off.

Here’s to hoping the rains end soon…

Nothing but love for you, Texas.

Have you set a date yet? I feel like this is easily one of the top questions asked after you get engaged, perhaps right after being asked about how the proposal went down. Getting engaged is an exciting thing, so family and friends asking (tons of) questions and being curious about all the fun details is a normal reaction.

If you’re recently engaged and don’t have a date in mind just yet, don’t panic! Enjoy the excitement a little and when you’re ready to pick a date, here are some tips to consider:

What’s Already on Tap: This may be an obvious place to start, but look at your schedules – work, school, and current obligations already on the calendar. My husband worked in NASCAR when we got engaged, so we were pretty bound by the (long) race schedule. That left us the options of getting married on the rare off-weekend, or waiting for the off season. We opted for the off season.

Take stock of what commitments and obligations you both might have, and consider what might work best for the people that you both feel are crucial to being there with you on your wedding day. NOTE: You will NOT please everyone with your wedding date and will drive yourself crazy trying to do so. Go with what works for YOU and what makes YOU happy, what works for those that you couldn’t imagine not being there, and set the date.

Budget + Don’t Rule Out Winter: It’s important to talk about the financial aspect early, too. A lot of couples don’t necessarily have a solid idea of what costs are associated with weddings, which is fine (and something we can help you with, too!). But it’s important to have this discussion between the two of you, take stock what you might be contributing, and then have that conversation with who else might be contributing as well.

And how does this fit into picking a wedding date? There are definitely peak times of the year to get married – like May, June, September, October. Don’t rule out the winter. If you are open to it, some venues offer “off-season” rates for months like December, January and even February. This may vary by market, and of course, will vary by venue. But it’s worth keeping in mind while you weigh when to get married.

Be Open Minded: So maybe you don’t have a date picked, but you have your heart set on a certain venue. You reach out only to discover it’s booked solid every Saturday already. Have to have that venue? Be open minded. Ask if they are open to Friday or Sunday weddings. (Sunday brunch wedding anyone?!)

Mother Nature: She sure can be unpredictable. But let’s be honest. We all know it’s hot in the summer in the south. I never, ever want to crush anyone’s dreams of an outdoor wedding in July. I just always encourage clients to really think through what they – and their guests! – might experience. (Like…lots of sweating.) Consider what kind of experience is important to you and your guests, and how the weather might impact that.

And speaking of weather, we always come up with inclement weather plans especially with any wedding or event with a portion of it outdoors. Because…rain. If tenting isn’t your jam or in your budget, then focus on finding a venue with plenty of space to move things indoors should the need arise.

We know there are so many factors that can go into picking your wedding date. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let us help you. That’s what we are here for!


Excited to share a few of my favorite photos from the last wedding we had in 2016. Elizabeth and Dave were married on November 12 at the Historic Train Depot in Salisbury. Working with these two, along with the groom’s sweet mom and the bride’s amazing matron-of-honor, was absolutely a pleasure so it was a little bittersweet when the wedding day came and went! (I think I say that with each one though!)

The depot is definitely a cool location, and not just because I have a soft spot for old buildings and spaces with history. It’s rich with unique features and details, so when we set out to finalize the overall look for the day we opted for simple and classic. And tons of candlelight! (You can never go wrong with tons of candlelight in my opinion!)

These two were married in a sweet ceremony surrounded by immediate family and close friends. Guests enjoyed apps and cocktails outside – with pashminas for the ladies to help stay warm! – while we turned the ceremony space into the perfect setting for dinner and dancing. After all the fun, the two drove into the night and off to start their new lives as husband and wife!

Elizabeth and Dave, thankful to know you and wish you two all the best life has to offer!

Below are some of my favorites. For the full gallery, see here.

And a huge thank you to the great team who were a part of their special day:
Historic Train Depot {Venue} David Malament {Photography} Elisabeth Rose {Stationery + Day-Of Paper Goods} Willow Floral Boutique {Flowers} Who’s The Fairest {HMU} Party Reflections {Linens + Tables + Chairs} Chef’s Catering {Catering + Bar} Duck Donuts {Donut Bar} Dustin Jones with Virtual Sounds {DJ}



Whether you saw it coming from miles away or the love of your life caught you completely by surprise, getting engaged is such an exciting time in life. Your head may spin from excitement for days after the question is popped…and let’s be honest, probably from the celebratory bubbly, too! But it might start to spin when it comes to sorting out what to do next.

I love helping couples navigate this exciting time, so here are five tips for what to do after that ring lands on your finger…

Share the Happy News: Whether you spread the word right away or opt to keep the excitement between just the two of you for a moment, either way those closest to you will want to hear the happy news. Pick up that phone and call family first. (And I know some family dynamics can be tricky, but I like to think it’s just not worth it for momma or Aunt Susie to find out via Facebook!) Then hit up those close friends. And get ready to celebrate!

Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography
Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography

Get That Sparkler Insured: This one may be a no-brainer, but be sure to get your ring insured as soon as possible after you get engaged. While dealing with or sorting out insurance of any kind might sound like a bore (hello, #adulting), you don’t want to risk not having this special piece of jewelry protected. An appraisal by a certified gemologist more than likely was provided by the jeweler where your ring was purchased. But if not, be sure to get one.

Celebrate!: Unless you need to hop on the wedding planning train stat due to some extenuating circumstances (i.e. moving abroad, military deployment, etc.), ENJOY this time. Take some time to just soak it in just the two of you and be sure to celebrate with friends and those who love you. Set a day aside or spend a weekend or shoot, even a month. But just relax and enjoy it. And don’t focus all that much on planning (yet). Life moves at a breakneck speed. Why not revel in this happy time for a bit?

Set a Date: Friends and family – and bless, even strangers when they see your new sparkly ring – will immediately ask if you have a date set. It’s a happy life moment, so their excitement and reaction is normal. Don’t sweat it if right away you don’t have a date set or even one in mind. Do set aside some time though early on to discuss setting a date – after you take some time to celebrate, of course! (And stay tuned…I’ve got tips coming on setting that all important wedding date!)

Go Pro: Bring in a professional to help you. I love working with couples at any stage in the planning process. But if I can work with clients from the beginning, even better. There is SO much information out there on where to start with wedding planning and what to do. Not to mention, your friends and family – and again, even strangers – will have all kinds of advice. Having someone working alongside you is an incredible benefit and might even save you from some unnecessary wedding planning headaches. I would love to help you start the planning process off on the right foot, from setting the budget to even helping you navigate setting that all important date.

Newly engaged and embarking on the wedding planning journey? I’d love to connect with you!


Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography
Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography

Hard to believe we’ve reached the final two days of 2016. (Technically, it’s more like the final 36 hours by the time I get this posted…but you get the point, ha.) In the midst of spending some quality time with family over the holidays, I’ve also tried to take a little time to reflect back on this year for Hart & Co. Events. Weddings, a special birthday party, rehearsal dinners, a second annual realtor event, and even some political events mixed in (twas the season, y’all)…all I’ve got to say is…whew!

I had the joy of working alongside some amazing couples with weddings across the Charlotte area, the Triangle, and even in South Carolina. Months of planning and work resulted in not just beautiful weddings, but days full of special moments, meaningful and thoughtful details, and celebrations that were reflective of each bride and groom. Oh and we also had plenty of fun! Some highlights that come to mind…

  • In one wedding alone, we saw…the groom ride in on a boat, the bride and groom dance back down the aisle after saying “I Do,” their pup being there to witness the vows and snap some pics, and then there was that one time before the ceremony where the officiant almost went into the bathroom with a hot mic. (Bless.)
  • Wedding guests stuck in the elevator? No problem. I can now say I know what the protocol is for the Mint Museum – Uptown. (For the record, no one was hurt and all stuck in elevator left with smiles.)
  • Father of the bride surprising his daughter with pretty draping and a chandelier over the dance floor that he originally said no to. The bride loved it and I got a kick out of pulling off the surprise.
  • Being there to witness two families become one as two individuals commit their love to one another. This…will always be a highlight at the end of every year!

This year saw some firsts for me and the business…like the first birthday party that I helped a sweet mom plan for her son. She wanted something classic and fit for a (little) southern gentleman. So we planned just that at the Duke Mansion. For more on this precious party, see here.

Some other firsts that came my way this year include seeing some of my work in print and featured in some of my favorite online outlets. While I’ll now readily admit with two days left in the year, I probably did more inspiration shoots than I meant to in 2016. BUT each one that I got to dream up or be a part of turned out to be amazing opportunities to collaborate and connect with some incredibly talented folks and friends. From Trendy Bride, to Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and Inspired By This, I am incredibly thankful for the love and support.

Lastly, I can’t forget all that I’ve learned this year. I started a list somewhere along the way just titled “2017.” It’s nothing fancy, simply a word doc full of ideas, thoughts, and things I want to do for the new year and even some things I now know or learned along the way that I no longer want to do moving forward…something that I think is equally important as learning what you DO want to do.

I feel like 2016 was a little bit wide open. I embraced what came my way…dove in head first…worked my tail off. And I am so, so grateful for each and every client. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me into your life’s special moments!

2016, you were great. But now it’s on to the next. I already have weddings in the works and some plans for things I want to do better and different. I really can’t wait to dive in! Hope you’re ready for it, 2017!

Thank you for being a part of my year…hope to see you back here…soon!

Cheers to you and yours!


Best Nine 2016

{Image thanks to Best Nine. For vendors + details, please click the above & check out Hart & Co. Events on Instagram.}

Excited to share some of my favorite moments and snapshots from Katie and Steven’s October wedding. These two were married at St. Peter’s Catholic Church on a sunny fall day. After their ceremony, the new Mr. & Mrs. celebrated with good food, drinks, and plenty of dancing at the Mint Museum Uptown.

Katie and Steven were both born and raised in Danville, Virginia. When we started working together, Katie was still living in Danville with Steven already settled here in Charlotte. This bride needed and wanted help given she wasn’t a Queen City resident (yet) but also wanted help pulling together the overall design. Katie knew what she liked and knew what she didn’t want for her wedding day (which is half the battle sometimes, too), just wasn’t sure how to pull the ideas and images in her head all together. I love working with clients at any stage of their engagement, but hands down love it when we can collaborate from design to execution.

So, we dove in starting with the design and came up with a day that was truly reflective of this bride and groom. Katie and Steven’s weddFall Wedding Design Hart & Co. Eventsing was elegant and classy without being stuffy or over-the-top. We stuck with a neutral color scheme – white and ivory – accented with some greenery, silver, gold, a little rose gold (sequin bridesmaid dresses FTW!) and just a tiny pop of marsala.

Not only did I get to know Katie and Steven in the months leading into their wedding, but I was also lucky to spend time with Katie’s mom and younger sister. And I can’t forget her dad, too. (Dad surprised Katie with the addition of some extra draping and a chandelier…how great of a surprise is that?!) Certainly grateful to have had the chance to get to know this gal’s family…I kind of feel like I gained a family in Danville, ha!

To Katie and Steven, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. To her family and Steven’s family, thank you for being so loving and a blast to be around!

Wishing you two a lifetime of love and lots of happiness!


A big thanks to these wonderful people for making this day come together beautifully: 
Mint Museum Uptown {Reception Venue} Bow Tie Collaborative {Photographer} Ladies of Lineage {Bride’s Dress} Lindsey Regan Thorne + Be Pretty {HMU} Elisabeth Rose {Stationery + Paper Goods + Day-Of Items} Lily Greenthumbs {Florals} Party Reflections {Rentals + Linens} Something Classic {Catering} Suarez Bakery {Cake} Carolina DJ Pros {DJ}



And just like that, the fall wedding season is all said and done for Hart & Co. Events. Feels like just yesterday I was kicking off the busy fall with Amy Sue and Aaron. (You can check out some of my favorites from their September 10th wedding here.) This past weekend, Elizabeth and Dave’s fun wedding at the Historic Train Depot in Salisbury marked my last for year.

The last couple of months have been full of hard work, but full of good times, too. And it’s always fun and a wonderful feeling watching months of work and planning all come together. There’s also been some exciting features hit the interwebs just in the last few weeks.

I am working to get caught up on sharing all the wedding details with you from the past two months. In the meantime, here are some highlights from one of those features.

I teamed up with Sarah Pascutti earlier this year for a couple of inspiration photo shoots. One of the shoots took place at Childress Vineyards, a venue and place that I really love. We decided to go for a different approach than a typical wedding themed shoot, and opted for an anniversary al fresco dinner. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dine among the vines?!

I had a lot of fun with this shoot and was honored to see our work highlighted on Inspired By This last week. Here are a few of my faves from the day + a BIG thanks to those who helped make it happen:

Sarah Pascutti {Photography} Willow Floral Boutique {Flowers} The Whimsical Rose {Vintage China} Old South Vintage Rentals {Chairs + Table} Casey Elise Designs {Vows + Love Letter} Lovely by Lindsey {Hair & Makeup}

Well hello there, September!

Coming off a bit slower July and August, September marks the start to a busy season for Hart & Co. While not officially fall (no need to wave goodbye to summer just yet, you guys!), thought I’d take a sec to share a peek at what’s ahead here in the coming months…

  • Our fall wedding season kicks off next weekend. To keep up with the action, be sure to follow along via Insta (will admit, still trying to figure out the whole stories thing) and Snapchat (not sure that I have it figured out but I try! Username…hartandcoevents). And of course, you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter, too.

    Childress Sneak Peek - Hart & Co. Events
    iPhone sneak peek from a styled shoot at Childress Vineyards
  • Exact timing is still pending, but a shoot I did with Sarah Pascutti over the summer is going to be featured this month on a popular wedding and lifestyle blog. Beyond thankful for the opportunity and really excited to finally be able to share the photos! So, stay tuned!
  • I’ll log a few miles with a (non-wedding) client. While my primary focus with Hart & Co. is weddings, I welcome the change of pace and experience this particular client brings. I try not to pack my schedule too tight, as I’m a big believer in quality over quantity. So, with the travel and the weddings I have on tap, safe to say I’m booked till December!
  • Speaking of booked…we’ve already booked some spring 2017 weddings. Excited to dive into planning with these couples over the fall!
  • And not Hart & Co. related – can’t be all work and no play! – looking forward to some family time that we have on the calendar. We’ll head to Tennessee in October for a family wedding and I’m already looking forward to some quality time in Texas over Thanksgiving (mmmm, turkey).

Excited at what’s ahead! What about you?



Lisa and Jake were married one year ago today! This wedding will always be special in my mind for a lot of reasons. At the top of the list, I’ve known Lisa and Jake for several years. I was incredibly happy to watch these two say “I Do.” Their wedding was also the first officially under the Hart & Co. banner, something I’ll always be grateful for.

These two tied the knot at a private residence in Sherrill’s Ford, just north of Charlotte. Their ceremony was sweet and the party that followed…pretty epic. Here are a few of my favorite memories from the days leading into their wedding day and the day of…

  • We turned a helicopter landing pad into a reception space. We had to strategically place tables so that the landing lights were hidden…those things don’t exactly move!
  • Despite confirming two months in advance, there was an issue with the officiant that came to light…four days before the wedding. Have no fear, as we quickly sorted it out and had ESPN reporter Marty Smith, dear friend of the couple and wedding guest, ready to rock the ceremony. And it turned out beyond perfect. The ceremony was personal, sweet, and really touching. Funny how those things work out.
  • The Doerfels played at the reception and were awesome. I don’t know how the cops felt about it when they showed up (!). Good thing they let the party continue just a little bit longer…
  • Family…both Jake and Lisa’s parents were on hand the days leading into the wedding. I loved getting to know them, and loved watching things fall into place for these two while surrounded by their family and their friends who probably feel a lot more like family than friends.

Lisa and Jake, thank you again for allowing me to help you with your wedding. May today be the first of many, many happy anniversaries!


{Photography by Jason Mize. To see more from their special day, check out the gallery here.}


Dusting off the old blog (again) and taking it in a little bit different direction, at least for me. This could be viewed as what my momma calls “making a mountain out of a mole hill” but I got all fired up so figured I’d write about. Plus, sharing is caring.

My morning routine typically consists of a few moments of the Today Show and this morning was no different. I had to hit the road though to make it to a site visit for an upcoming event, so I wasn’t able to hit pause and rewind 10 times to make sure I was hearing the words correctly…which is exactly what I wanted to do when I heard the advice of Jeff Rossen following an episode of his “Rossen Reports” that focused on the wedding industry.

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