Happy New Year! Getting back into the work groove after some quality time away for the holidays with family and friends. I’m trying to use this ol’ blog a little more this year, so thought I’d kick it off by dusting off an oldie but goodie blog post: 5 tips for after you get engaged!

Did you know that from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day it’s like the “official” engagement season? While I’d like to think the whole year is open season – I got engaged in the middle of July! – most engagements do happen to take place over the holidays.

Whether you saw it coming from miles away or the love of your life caught you completely by surprise, getting engaged is such an exciting time in life. Your head may spin from excitement for days after the question is popped…and let’s be honest, probably from the celebratory bubbly, too! But it might start to spin when it comes to sorting out what to do next. (So many options. And probably SO many opinions, too!)

I love helping couples navigate this exciting time, so here are five tips for what to do after that ring lands on your finger…

Share the Happy News: Whether you spread the word right away or opt to keep the excitement between just the two of you for a moment, either way those closest to you will want to hear the happy news. Pick up that phone and call family first. (And I know some family dynamics can be tricky, but I like to think it’s just not worth it for momma or Aunt Susie to find out via Facebook!) Then hit up those close friends. And get ready to celebrate!

Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography
Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography

Get That Sparkler Insured: This one may be a no-brainer, but be sure to get your ring insured as soon as possible after you get engaged. While dealing with or sorting out insurance of any kind might sound like a bore (hello, #adulting), you don’t want to risk not having this special piece of jewelry protected. An appraisal by a certified gemologist more than likely was provided by the jeweler where your ring was purchased. But if not, be sure to get one.

Celebrate!: Unless you need to hop on the wedding planning train stat due to some extenuating circumstances (i.e. moving abroad, military deployment, etc.), ENJOY this time. Take some time to just soak it in just the two of you and be sure to celebrate with friends and those who love you. Set a day aside or spend a weekend or shoot, even a month. But just relax and enjoy it. And don’t focus all that much on planning (yet). Life moves at a breakneck speed. Why not revel in this happy time for a bit?

Set a Date: Friends and family – and bless, even strangers when they see your new sparkly ring – will immediately ask if you have a date set. It’s a happy life moment, so their excitement and reaction is normal. Don’t sweat it if right away you don’t have a date set or even one in mind. Do set aside some time though early on to discuss setting a date – after you take some time to celebrate, of course! (And stay tuned…I’ve got tips coming on setting that all important wedding date!)

Go Pro: Bring in a professional to help you. I love working with couples at any stage in the planning process. But if I can work with clients from the beginning, even better. There is SO much information out there on where to start with wedding planning and what to do. Not to mention, your friends and family – and again, even strangers – will have all kinds of advice. Having someone working alongside you is an incredible benefit and might even save you from some unnecessary wedding planning headaches. Believe it or not, we might even save you money! I would love to help you start the planning process off on the right foot, from setting the budget to even helping you navigate setting that all important date.

Newly engaged and embarking on the wedding planning journey? I’d love to connect with you!

Congrats and Cheers!

Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography
Photo by Sarah Pascutti Photography | Styling by Hart & Co. Events