When my husband and I set out to plan our wedding, we quickly realized that no matter where we decided to get married, our family and most likely a good amount of close friends would all have to travel. I’m from Texas originally. He’s from Durham. We have family on the west coast, in the midwest, and up and down the east coast. So, our solution…let’s all travel. We opted for a November wedding in the mountains in Asheville. Easy enough for us to get to during the planning process and relatively easy for all of our family and friends to get to come the wedding weekend.

I think a lot of engaged couples face the same dilemma or find themselves engaged and living in a city they don’t necessarily have deep ties to. They don’t live in their home towns, much less their home state. It is definitely not unusual these days that college or our careers take us to new cities, different states, and sometimes even different countries!

There are so many incredible places to travel to for your wedding day, here in the U.S. and across the globe. Since starting Hart & Co., I have been dreaming of all the places I’d love to go for wedding planning. For kicks, here is a peek at my list:

  • Aspen/Snowmass: In the mid-1970s, my parents hopped in the car and made the long road trip up to Colorado from west Texas. They ended up in the little mountain town of Snowmass and the rest is kind of history. Colorado has been my family’s second home ever since that road trip. (My first road trip there was just six weeks after I was born!) The gorgeous mountain landscape will never, ever get old to me. The Rockies are so captivating and definitely one of my happy places. So, it’d be a dream come true to plan some wedding magic there, too.
  • Texas: Because…it’s Texas. And my home state. And everything is bigger in Texas, right? Some seriously dreamy venues call the Hill Country home
  • Italy: Ok, so this is actually on my personal travel wish list. But let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of an Italian getaway to celebrate a marriage?! And I promise I’d definitely wait until your celebration concluded to begin any sightseeing…
  • The Caribbean: While I’m a mountain girl, I also love me some beach time…especially in the Caribbean. Wanting to have an intimate, small wedding with a super chill vibe? Not a shabby idea to get hitched somewhere on a white sandy beach…

So what do you think? If you’re dreaming of getting away for your wedding but don’t know where to start? Give Hart & Co. a call…I’ll definitely help you out!